Carl, Melrose Trading Post

kirk douglas in the billy wilder classic, ace in the hole:  “i’m a pretty good liar.  i’ve done a lot of lying in my time.  i’ve lied to men who wear belts.  i’ve lied to men who wear suspenders.  but i’d never be so stupid to lie to a man… who wears both belt and suspenders.”

i don’t what kirk would have said about the knit tie, but in LA it takes more balls to dress well than it does to dress like a rock star on his day off. this guy’s killing it.

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Carla, Melrose Trading Post

i’ve been sitting at the computer for like 20 minutes trying to come up with a name for this style but let’s just say carla looks amazing and leave it at that.

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Davey, Abbot Kinney

i don’t know if this dude has kids or not, but he  looks like the coolest dad in the world. he even plays drums in a band for crissake.

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Sang, Abbot Kinney

i have a pair of moccasins just like this that i use as bedroom slippers and everyday i’m this much closer to just saying the hell with it and wearing them out of the house, cuz they look great.

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John, Abbot Kinney

john here is showing us how it’s done. note the small cuffs on the pants, stripey socks, and the rad nixon watch slyly poking out (colorful plastic watches always look great, i’m a big fan of swatches), not to mention he could hold a seminar on how to button a cardigan.

his gallery has amazing stuff: double vision

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Colby, Abbot Kinney

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Audra, Black Banditz

what looks better on a gorgeous girl than a ripped tee that looks like you found it in the trash? in LA you can literally wear this to a business meeting.

black banditz

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Dylan, Black Banditz

$400 fiorentini+baker italian handmade calfskin leather boots and a $5 casio. guess which one he gets more complements on? (both are rad)

black banditz

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Sara, On the Street

sara told me she was on her way back from the library.

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Victoria, Melrose Ave

100% california

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